Blackbird Drum Package

The collaboration between Blackbird Studio and Steve Slate Drums expansion kit for SSD4 & Trigger has arrived!  We couldn't be more excited about this new venture, and we hope everyone will love the sounds just as much as we do.  

In the Spring of 2014, Blackbird Founder John McBride recorded the Blackbird Drums Expansion with drummer Chris Tyrell of Lady Antebellum for the STEVEN SLATE DRUMS 4 Virtual Instrument and TRIGGER drum replacer plugin. Utilizing three of Blackbird’s classic rooms including the chambers of rooms A and D, tons of vintage mics and gear, classic drum kits from an era spanning fifty years, and of course, John’s amazing engineering talent, Blackbird Drums is one of the most amazing drum libraries you’ll ever experience. From vintage to modern and everything in between, Slate Drums users will savor the sounds of:

- Six New Kick Drum Samples
- Ten New Snare Samples
- Seven New Sets of Toms
- Two New Hi Hats 
- One New Ride
- Four New Crashes

Get yours here!

February 11, 2015 by Nick Shasserre

New Products Being Added

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October 05, 2012 by Nick Shasserre

Under Construction

Welcome to the Blackbird Merchandise store! -  It is currently under construction, but we are open for business!

September 18, 2012 by Nick Shasserre